The Gauntlet is a two day conference focused on Historical miniature games, board wargames, card games, and any other games from Ancients to the near future.

We are in the midst of planning tournaments, modelling seminars, vendors, painters, and games of various scale and scope.

Mike O’Brien of the MWS <Miniature Wargaming Society of Sacramento> is our program manager for the show, which is being produced by the team from ConQuest and Pacificon conventions.

In an effort to keep admission prices as low as possible, we ask all participants <gamemasters and attendees> to purchase passes for The Gauntlet. We will reward all GMs who run at least six hours of game <not including setup/takedown time> with a special commemorative The Gauntlet 1st Year GM cloisonne pin.

The Gauntlet will take place in the Lion’s Gate Hotel in their main ballroom.
Lions Gate Hotel
3410 Westover Street
McClellan, CA 95652
To make a reservation with our room block <The Gauntlet>, please contact the hotel directly at 916-643-6222
Our Special Convention Rates:
$114/night (single or double)
$114/night (One bedroom suite)
$154/night (Two bedroom suite)
(Each night includes breakfast the next morning at the hotel!)
Prices are guaranteed through January 4, 2019.

We have vendor space available for $80 for both days. If you are interested please contact us at gauntlet.vendors@gmail.com

A Flea Market will be organized for Sunday January 20 for one hour. Tables are limited and Gamemasters will be afforded first crack to be sellers. Any left over will be offered to other attendees. Table cost will be $10.

Weekend Passes will be $30 until the event begins, when the price will be $40 at the event, if the event does not sell out. We will offer one day passes at the gate on a space available basis. Tickets available now!

Event Submission will be made available beginning Nov 21, 2018. We will be looking for an equal balance of games on Saturday and Sunday. Program Manager Mike O’Brien will be reviewing all submissions.

To submit an event, please send an email to Mike O’Brien with the following information:
1) Your name, email address
2) Name of your event
3) Game/Rules System
4) Day of your event
5) Suggested start time for your event
6) Table Requirements
7) Number of Players
8) Materials/Components Required or Supplied
9) Description of event
Mike’s email address is mikeobriensac at hotmail dot com


The Gauntlet scheduling as of 12/13/18
This is a preliminary list, with more games to come in the next weeks.
Email me at mikeobriensac at hotmail.com or text to 916 410-4957
If I missed your game, please follow up.

Battle of Freeman’s Farm
4-6 players
Alex Fabros

Title – Roman Holiday
Rules: Scutari
Description – Hannibal and a few of his closest friends go on a tour of Italy where they are enthusiastically greeted by the local inhabitants.
Number of players 10
Bill Butler

Cruel Seas
Warlord Games
1/300 coastal naval warfare
GM Dave Partak
Cruel Seas on Saturday all day. I’m going to run multiple scenarios and add in the advanced rules as we progress. Players can drop in and out all day long.

10:00 to 2:00
What a Tanker
“I’ve been to the desert”
6-8 players.
Scenario in North Africa western desert 1942 Brits vs. the Afrika Korps.
David Reed

Battle of Trafalgar
Form on Admiral’s Wake rules
4-8 players
Gary Bitters

28mm Napoleonic battle
Rules modified Battle Cry
6 players
3-4 hours
I will supply troops rules etc.
Clif Castle

Battle of Zama
Modified Command and Colors
6 players
28 mm miniatures game
Romans vs. Carthaginians for all the marbles
Roger Mark

DBA 3rd Edition Boot Camp
Brush up, learn, or update to DBA 3 fast play miniatures covering the period 3000 BCE – 1500 CE in a casual hands on environment. Equipment, armies, and handouts provided, or bring your own.
Mike O’Brien

8:00-9:00 Flea Market

Battle of Isandlwana, 1879. 15mm using Battles for Empire 2nd Edition. 6 – 8 players. Sunday morning
Nick Stern

Battle of Freeman’s Farm on Sunday or something similar (4-6 players)
Alex Fabros

Flames of War tournament
Dave Partak
10 player

Blitzkrieg Commander
Eastern Front 1943 6-8 players 10am about 4 hours to play
Bill Butler

De Bellis Antiquitatis tournament
Multi round tournament and pickup games after. Using DBA 3rd edition rules, but permitting armies from any prior edition of DBA with a copy of the army list. Bring equipment and armies if you have them. Loaner armies available.

“Battle of Bitter’s Farm”
Fist full of Lead rules
4 players
Gary Bitters

Mike O’Brien – Events, Tournaments, Seminars, Painting Contest,
mikeobriensac at hotmail dot com
Gabriel Mondo – Registration, Hotel Issues, Vendors, Logistics
gabriel at pacificongameexpo dot com